Sunday, May 25, 2008

Adjusting to Changes

The changes we’ve noticed in balance and memory are most likely related to tumor growth, not medication. Our hospice nurse explained it to us and it was pretty sobering. But we immediately set about making the necessary adjustments. Because of the potential for mistakes in medication, someone will always be present with Susan when she takes her doses. She is also using the walker more inside the house. A cane and the arm of another person continue to be a must for walking anywhere else. As mentioned earlier, we’ve had grab bars installed in the bathrooms – a big help.

The biggest implication of these latest changes was on her upcoming trip to Chicagoland to visit her family. She had wanted to go alone, but that’s not going to be possible. Neither the nurse nor I could envision that scenario, and Susan agreed. So Jon will accompany her and she’ll go as soon as possible, which turns out to be next week – a few days earlier than planned. Jon is a great help and will be an excellent traveling companion. He’s been doing most of the transportation duties and helps Susan remember her cane and her purse, along with anything that she’s lost track of.

Patrick got back from the training in North Carolina and has a couple of weeks before he starts camp. So he’ll get to spend some quality time with Susan this week and he and I can be bachelors together next week.

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Colette said...

Beautiful yard :-) That happened in a hurry, just in time for some chilly weather. I hope you can get out under that tree for a nice afternoon before the Chicago trip!