Thursday, January 28, 2010

Smoothies, Coffee, and China

I joined eHarmony a few weeks ago. It’s one of several on-line matching services that help people find new relationships in a safe and expedient manner. It felt like a HUGE step for me at first – equal parts of fear, excitement, and dread with a dash of guilt. But the experience has been instrumental in helping me prepare my outlook for the future – the future that Susan and I discussed many times – my future. So I have carefully written my profile and posted some pictures on eHarmony. It’s been a fascinating experience on many levels. I’ve already been “matched” to several hundred women (all in the Denver area – amazing). Most of these matches have now been closed - either by them or by me. It’s not as easy as it might seem. It’s still going to take time. I did have a face-to-face meeting with one person. We progressed through the communication steps and agreed to meet at a Jamba Juice a few weeks ago. We had a very nice conversation even though she is clearly not “the one”. So I guess my first “date” in well over 30 years is now under my belt! It’s gotta be easier moving forward. I was set to have another encounter for coffee last Sunday with another woman. She had to back out at the last minute and says she would like to reschedule after I get back from China. We’ll see. (I’m already feeling hardened to the realities of seeking new relationships!)

But my focus hasn’t been on new relationships lately. After the first of the year I finally got serious about planning my trip to China and that has occupied most of my attention for the last four weeks. I leave tomorrow and I’m ready to go. I know I’m in for an adventure (after a very long plane trip) – but I really have no idea what to expect. I’m just looking forward to seeing Jon and traveling with him. He’ll meet me in Shanghai and we’ll be off on a big loop through the country. No matter what we experience, it will be unique and memorable. My friends and I have been chuckling about my trip preparation – or rather the lack of it prior to the new year. Susan would have been 99% packed and ready months ago. It just takes me a while to get mentally ready before I spring into action! It’s all come together nicely – but I admit it’s been a little hectic.

All of this illustrates how far we’ve come in a year. We’re moving on with our lives but we haven’t left her behind. She’s right here with us. In fact, I’m discovering her presence in new and pleasant ways all the time. She’ll be with us in China. She’s with Patrick in Bozeman (he’s living and working there after having graduated last month). For all of you who knew her, she’s no doubt with all of you in some meaningful way. And – she’ll be my “chaperone” for all those future smoothie and coffee dates! Onward we go!

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Judy Van Hoose said...

Rob, what an exciting adventure. Jerre and I went to China in 2001 to visit our sister city and had a marvelous time. We went to Shanghai, Beijing, and Huabei City -- our sister -- and some others. You will love it.
Mike, my son (and Jerre's too) met his fiance on eHarmony. They lived about a mile from each other and never would have met. So -- go for it, cousin -- happy trails and safe journey! Judy